The Complete DR & Quinch

Ok, any UK readers might want to turn away as this is liable to get a bit depressing. Americans however should get totally over excited… so kind of like the England / USA world cup game really.

What we have here is the new, American market edition of Alan Moore and Alan Davis’ “The Complete DR & Quinch” and I’m sad to say its by far the best version of this collection yet.

Quickly for the UK hardcore who already know all about this, what you’re getting here is everything in the previous “Guide to Life” Titan collection plus the Agony Pages printed in colour, pin ups and covers and a few pages of Alan Moore’s original typed script. Format is slightly smaller, all to match up with the Case Files etc when put on the shelf… and yes, the spine dressing DOES match. Also as you can see above, the cover is new and was created specifically for this collection.

Ok, now for you foreign types or those of you not familiar with this comic (shame on you) who might be thinking “What the hell is DR &Quinch?”

DR & Quinch is a strip originally printed in 2000AD between 1983 & 1987. The script is by Alan Moore and the art by Alan Davis and while they weren’t exactly unknowns at this point, this is before Watchmen and the X-Men made the two of them into the well deserved comic legends they now both are. AND ITS FUNNY! I know seeing Alan Moore now, sulking about under his beard and complaining about everything its hard to imagine, but when he puts his hand to it he writes some of the best comedic comic books out there and for me this collection is the best example of this. What you are getting is the tale of two teenage, alien, juvenile delinquents and their anarchic and awesomely violent adventures across the galaxy. They do a bit of community service, have some  romance (in a story I’ve only just realised on this reading is a bit of a riff on Grease’s Danny/Sandy characters), join the army and pose as film producers, all with explosive and hilarous results.

Alan Davis’ art is as gorgeous as you would expect and he does an amazing job of creating totally alien worlds without a single human face but still managing to make everyone expressive enough to really sell the comedy.

This was one of my favourite strips when I read it in the single issues as a kid and I’m glad to say how brilliantly it’s stood the test of time. If you live in the US go and order it. If you live in the UK, steal a copy from somewhere… just dont steal mine.

The only thing left to say is “Mind the Oranges Marlon”. Trust me, if you dont know why, you need to find out.

Stars out of 5 – Five. Loved it then, love it now.

Dry Slaps – One, on behalf of anyone in the UK who gets ripped off getting a copy off ebay.

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