The Descent: Part 2 Trailer

Pathé Productions Ltd and Warner Bros Pictures UK are delighted to announce the release of THE DESCENT: PART 2 across the UK and Ireland from 4th December 2009.

Shauna Macdonald (Mutant Chronicles, The Descent) returns as Sarah, continuing the story of 2005’s hugely successful horror thriller The Descent, in which a group of young women disappear during a caving trip in the Appalachian Mountains.

Emerging from the cave system alone, distraught and covered in the blood of her missing companions, Sarah is incoherent and half-wild with fear. Sceptical about her account of events and convinced Sarah’s psychosis hides far darker secrets, Sheriff Vaines (Gavan O’Herlihy) doesn’t waste time. Along with his partner Rios (Krysten Cummings), and their cave rescue team Dan (Douglas Hodge), Greg (Joshua Dallas), and Cath (Anna Skellern), Vaines forces Sarah back into the caves to help the rescuers find her friends.

Alongside Macdonald, The Descent: Part 2 also features Natalie Mendoza reprising her role as Juno.  Krysten Cummings, Anna Skellern, Gavan O’Herlihy (Seven Days of Grace), Joshua Dallas (Ghost Machine, “Doctor Who”) and Douglas Hodge (Mansfield Park) also star.

The Descent: Part 2 is written by James McCarthy, J. Blakeson and James Watkins (Eden Lake). The film is produced by Academy Award® winner Christian Colson (Slumdog Millionaire) and Ivana Mackinnon (The Scouting Book for Boys). Neil Marshall who directed the original film serves as executive producer with Paul Smith (The Descent, Slumdog Millionaire).  Previously a well-known editor on films including Kick-Ass, Eden Lake, Stardust and Layer Cake, as well as The Descent; Jon Harris makes his debut as director.

The Descent: Part 2 is to be released for Pathé Productions Ltd. by Warner Bros. Pictures UK.

Given the way the first Descent film ended I couldn’t really see how you could get a sequel out of it but the powers that  be have managed it.

After everything that happened to her in the first film it one serious stretch of the imagination that anyone managed to talk Sarah  back into the caves, without putting a gun to her head(thought not ruling that out in the sequel).

I hope we get more than just the first film with a new cast. I’d like to see the humans fight back more in this one…kinda like the way Aliens was so different from Alien.

Having the original actress back reprising her role is big plus in my book, handled right she could be another Ripley.

Looking at the trailer though not seeing much fighting back, just a lot of screaming.

I am never ever going caving now.

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  1. aerliss /

    The Descent was hugely popular? I don’t think I’ve met anyone outside the group of people I watched it with that has even heard of it.

    I really didn’t like this movie… though that might be because I was told it was like Dog Soldiers but with women and troglodytes in place of soldier boys and werewolves.

    Sadly, it was NOTHING like Dog Soldiers. No witty one liners, no likeable characters and very little fighting back, as you noted.

    I also disliked the silly “twist” ending, if I’m remembering it correctly.

    Bleh, I say. Bleh!

  2. Ana Carolina - Kes /

    I really like the 1st one but this trailer is a little weak :S
    Hope the movie turns out better.

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