The Event Season 1 Episode 1 – I Haven’t Told You Everything

The Event is a new sci-fi thriller series that debuted on Channel 4 this week. The show centres on three main plots, starting with Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) and his search for his missing girlfriend, Leila. As Sean searches for Leila he uncovers a government secret that is bigger than anyone could imagine. The second story focuses on President Martinez (Blair Underwood) and the political ramifications of an announcement he is about to make. The third main plot concerns Sophia (Laura Innes), a women held prisoner at a secret facility in Alaska. When an attempt to kill the President is prevented by means beyond human technology, the three storylines are drawn together.

The Event starts well enough, with amateur footage of the plane headed towards the Presidential compound in Miami. This, coupled with the shows enigmatic title, is enough to draw the viewer in, but sadly there are few answers – or even questions – in this first episode of The Event.

The show concerns itself with flashbacks, and while the story seems to work better this way – there is certainly more pace and energy than if the story was told in sequence – it gets muddled somewhere along the way. The flashbacks all relate to each other, but before long there are too many of them to be able to tell which relates to which. Confusing.

Not only this, but there are not enough details revealed about the plot of the series as a whole to keep the audience interested. That is, until the end of the episode. Suddenly a plane disappears mid-flight and a mysterious woman who has been held captive for many years tells the President “I haven’t told you everything”. So the cliffhanger kicks in.

The question has to be asked; although the episode ends on a clever cliffhanger, do we really care enough to tune in for another episode? We do not know the motives of any of the characters, be they personal, political or otherwise and there doesn’t seem to be a character emerging that the show will hang on and the audience will relate to.

The Event appears to be trying to be too like other shows – the typeface for the credits is the same as 24, the plot line with a plane crash is far too similar to Lost and the implication that there are non-humans living among us is very similar to the idea behind V. Overall, The Event is going to have to pick up steam – and quickly – in order to keep viewers engaged or the show could quickly fall victim to it’s own hype.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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