The Event Season 1 Episode 10 – Everything Will Change

This week, Leila tries to find her sister and solve the mystery as to why she was being hunted down by one of Dempsey’s men, the President discovers a plot to launch a missile and Sophia discovers that Thomas has been siphoning off money for… who knows what.

It was about time Sean and Leila were at the centre of an episode of The Event, they have been sidelined for too long. Sean takes a dark turn and while he does not follow through with his threat to kill the man who has been chasing him, he doe inject him with the syringe he has been carrying, and discovers what has been causing the kidnapped children to age. Sadly we still don’t know why. Sean and Leila finally track down the hospital where Samantha was being held, but too late. While there, they do discover that Leila’s father is, in fact, an alien. This discovery is interesting but slightly confusing. If Daddy is an alien, then why was he investigating conspiracy theories and alien sightings? Doesn’t make a whole heap of sense.

It turns out that President Martinez’s missile is actually being launched by Thomas, and while the big, 24-style countdown leads the audience to believe that the US is the target, the missile is actually a transmitter which is launched into space and transmits a message, presumably to the aliens’ home world. Again, interesting, but this could have been done a lot faster in the episode, to leave Agent Lee or any of the characters free to investigate just what Thomas – and the miraculously still alive Isabelle – are up to.

Finally The Event has sorted out it’s pacing issues. This was one of the fastest moving episodes of the show so far, and certainly one where the audience began to get some answers. The questions remaining are; was this too little, too late? And what is the titular Event? The episode was left with enough cliff hangers to keep the audience watching, but more out of mild curiosity than an impatient desire to know.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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