The Event Season 1 Episode 3 – Protect Them From The Truth

This week, The Event finally begins to pick up steam. By the end of the episode we still don’t know what the aliens are doing on Earth, why they were willing to wait 60 years in a federal facility or what The Event actually is, but light begins to be shed on the secrets in the show.

First of all, Sean manages to get an FBI agent on his side after he saves her life and finds some information that sheds some light on his story. Meanwhile the CIA find out his connection to the missing plane and try – unsuccessfully – to stop him from talking. We also find out that ‘Vicky’ is still holding Leila hostage, but they why is not yet clear.

Meanwhile the President is trying to find out who killed the plane passengers and why, and the Vice President wants to know who will investigate the investigators, suggesting that he knows the conspiracy goes almost to the top.

Finally, an alien still held in the federal facility offers to tell the government everything that he knows in exchange for his – and his girlfriend Maya’s – freedom. His plan doesn’t get very far – as soon as Maya meets him in the real world she kills him.

The twist of the episode is revealed literally at the last second – the plane crash victims are not dead, and in the closing moments of the episode they begin to reanimate.

Finally The Event is beginning to live up to it’s hype – albeit very slowly. There are several moments that jarred with the audience, not least the President investigating the crash site in person. The mystery of what happened to the survivors is literally the only thing that spiced up the episode, the rest was interesting, but hardly gripping. It appears as though The Event is trying to be all things to be all people and is struggling to fulfil this promise. The show has not yet decided whether it is a political thriller or a sci-fi show, but if next week’s episode follows on from the ending of this week’s, some mysteries may finally be solved.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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