The Event Season 1 Episode 8 – For The Good of Our Country

This week the aliens are put onto the back burner, in what appears to be an effort to sort out some of the issues that are plaguing The Event. The episode focuses on the people behind the scenes, and the humans that were involved in making the decision to fly a plane at the President. Vice President Jarvis is discovered to have been involved, but having his ‘strings’ pulled by sinister man in the shadows Dempsey. Sean and Leila are also completely sidelined: Sean is shot, which pretty much put him out of the running for the rest of the episode.

Strangely, this is perhaps one of the most enjoyable episodes of The Event to date. The alien conspiracy is completely removed from the show, and the concern is with a conspiracy surrounding the President. This enjoyment could stem from the fact that the style of the episode is very much reminiscent of 24 – not a huge amount of time passes during the episode, but the heat is on to get answers and make the world safe again. The whole idea that Vice President Jarvis was manipulated into helping to engineer an assassination plot feels very much like something Jack Bauer would have a problem with, but unfortunately this is exactly what the show lacks, a strong central protagonist. Initially, Sean was set up as the central character that the show was pinned on, but the character was not strong enough to pull this off and audience empathy gradually fell away.

While this episode of The Event was unusually strong, the show’s own story line is against it, and this is unlikely to happen again. The conspiracy is only a part of what is going on in the show and the audience needs more information on the aliens before they will buy more into a show that quickly sets up plotlines only to ignore them just as speedily.

An adequate episode of The Event, but it remains to be seen if the show can keep this level of interest going.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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