The Event Season 1 Episode 9 – Your World To Take

Last week we had a whole episode of The Event dedicated to the humans trying to uncover a conspiracy theory that implicated the Vice President. This week, Sophia has to uncover a conspiracy of her own, one that could lead to a change in direction for the aliens living on earth.

Sophia makes her triumphant return to her people, and announces that she plans to take them home. The problem is that not all of them want to go. From here we are almost over loaded with information about these mysterious people – they came to earth via a portal, they are endangered, and they are not allowed to alter the course of human events. While it is great to finally get some information, this is pretty standard fare for aliens living undercover on earth, even 3rd Rock From the Sun had similar ideas. We are still not 100% sure what the aliens were after, but some light has been shed on the situation. Sophia is only back in charge 30 seconds and we are introduced to Isabelle – an alien who is having an affair with Thomas and grooming him to kill his mother. Of course this doesn’t go as Thomas planned and Sophia reveals herself to be stronger than anyone thought.

Sean and Leila are still trying to find Leila’s sister Samantha, and they discover a family whose daughter was kidnapped and escaped to return to them. The whole gang go on the run from a mysterious figure that is chasing them on Dempsey’s orders. Once they overpower him, they discover that the little girl was not his target after all, but Leila. This brings up simply more questions – why do the aliens want an adult woman, and why Leila in particular?

Thankfully, the flashbacks have almost stopped at this stage – the skipping from person to person, place to place and time to time was one of the major problems with The Event. Now this temporal jumping has stopped it gives the audience more energy to focus on the show, and it is, dare I say, getting better. The storylines have been trimmed down to try and remove some of the confusion, and while we still may not be sure of the end result of a character doing something, we are no longer wondering who they are and where they came from.

Questions have begun to be answered; we are finally gaining some knowledge about the aliens rather than having question after question thrown at us. This is what The Event was lacking. If the show keeps going like this, it may actually begin to claw back some respect… and viewers.

All in all, it seems that the writers of The Event have realised that there were massive issues with the show and are taking steps to rectify them. Keep it up and we might actually start enjoying it, once the show also loses the nasty habit it has of introducing a person or plot, then dismissing it within a few minutes. Maybe this is the time to be cautiously optimistic about the future of The Event.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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