The Next Level – Episode 23

The Next Level Episode 23

Welcome to our first official show of 2011 as Amaechi is joined by his co-hosts Bert and Ernie from the Sesame Street.  Barry spruces up the Hanger for gaming fun and Ant and Amaechi get jealous as Barry reveals his latest toy…… iPad. We also talk about games trading website GaBoom that allows its members to safely and securely trade games with each other

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In the news

·         Bungie trademarks and registers some domain names to give clues to their next project.

·         Call of Duty Black Ops is officially the biggest selling game of 2010 (surprise, surprise)

·         Lego gets all Ninja on us.

·         Wesley Snipes doesn’t let a little thing like being in prison stop him from developing a new video game.

·         Sony releases an officially App for iPhone, iPad , iPod Touch & Android phones.

Main feature

In our main feature we look at some of the games of 2011 we’re looking forward to the most.


In the reviews section we go mobile as Barry reviews Apple iOS games Infinity Blade and Streets of Rage

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