The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6 – TS-19

This is the final episode in season 1 of The Walking Dead and it is fantastic. The survivors have been allowed into the CDC building by Dr Jenner, but all is far from well. Within hours the gang have to decide between life and death, relative dignity and facing death at the hands (and teeth) of the zombie hordes.

The whole way through this season of The Walking Dead, Rick has been clinging to the notion that civilisation has not been destroyed; there is a cure and hope for the future. Dr Jenner – the only researcher left alive at the CDC soon dispels that hope – he is the only researcher left alive since the French facility was overrun. Jenner also shows the survivors what happens to a human brain before and after zombification – and the audience begins to get some answers about the affliction that befell the population of the planet. We also get a flashback (thankfully it is better executed than those in The Event) and finally understand why Shane told Lori that her husband was dead.

As well as getting a hot shower at the CDC, the gang also get their hands on some alcohol and feelings that have been suppressed quickly come to the fore – Shane confronts Lori about their relationship and Andrea spirals into despair about their plight.

Rick never loses his optimism throughout these revelations, even though his belief that there is hope for a cure is quickly dashed. Others are not so sure, however, and when it becomes apparent that the CDC is running out of power, some of the survivors decide to remain inside and face a quick and painless death rather than face the horrors outside.

It is frustrating that we will have to wait a year to see any of the many plot points in The Walking Dead moved on, but fans of the show are loyal enough to wait and see what happens with Shane, Lori and Rick, what happened to Morgan and his son from the first episode, and how the gang are going to survive.

Neil Gaiman once said that there are four words which show that the reader is interested and keeps the story moving forward; ‘…and then what happened?’. This is exactly what the audience is left wondering at the end of episode 6 of The Walking Dead, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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