True Blood Season 3 Episode 10 – I Smell A Rat

We are fast approaching the end of True Blood season 3 and everything is gearing up to the final battle. Eric is convinced he will not survive Russell Edgington’s wrath over the death of Talbot and is making a will in which he leaves everything to Pam and Sookie and Bill are hiding out at Jason’s to try and stop the werewolves getting to them. As well as this, the Hotshot residents – Crystal and Calvin are still making trouble for those in Bon Temps, Lafayette and Jesus have a very strange trip on V and we learn more about Sam.

Of course the biggest revelation in this episode is the fact that Sookie is part fairy. The book readers will have known this already, and others will have guessed, but the news that the race was wiped out by vampires is an entirely new one. This new level of supernatural being in the show ramps things up a notch and makes way for future seasons. There is also the news that fairy blood allows vampires to walk in the sun and the news that Sophie Anne – Queen of Louisiana – sent Bill to Sookie to find out more about this. You can bet your bottom dollar that Sookie is not going to be best pleased about this news.

The other revelation in the episode is that of Sam’s past. He always seemed like such a nice man/dog but he does have some secrets in his past. This history is fantastic for the character’s development and makes Sam seem like less of a pushover.

There is a lot of catching up between the characters in this episode – it is easy to forget that most of the story lines have developed separately from one another and this is the first time that many of the characters have been together on screen since the start of the season. Bill and Eric catch up, as do Sookie and Tara. Arlene finally tells Terry that the baby isn’t his, and Jason tells Tara that he is responsible for the death of Eggs. As well as this, Crystal arrives at Jason’s house in full panther form, effectively revealing her secret to him and going some way to explain why Hotshot is such a sheltered and private community.

The good news from the episode is that Hoyt finally sees sense and tells Jessica he loves her, the problem is that he offends Tommy while doing so, gets bitten by dog Tommy and Jessica has to give Hoyt her blood to save him. There are sure to be repercussions about this, as well as the fact that Jason rescinded Bill’s invitation to his home.

Russell Edgington lingers in the background of the episode, casting a dark shadow over what should be a fairly normal time for the characters. In the end, he acts out Talbot’s death by staking a male prostitute, as he regrets not holding Talbot as he met the true death. This is touching, but also reminds viewers that Edgington has gone mad with grief and has sworn revenge against our favourite Viking vamp – Eric.

Of course, Sookie can’t stay out of trouble for long. She goes to Eric from information about her heritage, kisses him and ends up locked in his torture basement until he decides what to do with her. Handing Sookie over to Edgington may save Eric from his anger, but we have to hope that Eric is a better man, sorry, vamp than that.

A fairly still instalment of True Blood, but the air of malice from Edgington coloured the episode and gave it a tense feeling that worked well. This episode helped increase the anticipation for the season finale, which is sure to be a good one – each character has a lot riding on the outcome.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. Red Five /

    Don’t forget that we find out Lafayette has some occult heritage, but some of us spotted the hints a few episodes back, and now it is confirmed. Good ol’ V helping a guy out with his history!

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