True Blood Season 3 Episode 11 – Fresh Blood

This is the second last episode in this season of True Blood. Sad times. The good news is that the episode is a particularly good one. Sookie is rescued by Bill – with some help from Yvetta the dancer – from Eric’s dungeon and while they dream of how their life together would be if they were normal, Eric turns up with Russell Edgington and take them back to Fangtasia. Eric’s plan is to allow Russell to feed from Sookie and walk in the sun thanks to her fairy blood. Russell is totally taken in by Eric – again and follows him into the sun.

Meanwhile there is plenty going on back in Bon Temps – Jason is still reeling from Crystal’s revelation that she is a were-panther, but he decides to stay with her. Lafayette is suffering after shocks from his V trip with Jesus. Tara confronts Andy Bellefleur about covering up Eggs’s murder, Sam is drunk and very angry and manages to annoy most of his friends. Hoyt and Jessica are back together, but Summer and Hoyt’s mother aren’t going to give up on getting him away from Jessica that easily. As well as this, Arlene seeks Holly’s help in ending her pregnancy.

Although the strings of True Blood have been pulling together for a while now, there is a lot happening in this episode to bring respective storylines to an end. As well as this, the new developments with Lafayette and Arlene are surely setting up the story for the next season. It seems as though Arlene can’t get rid of Renee’s baby and this is going to have a strong part to play in the new season. So too, is Jason’s relationship with Crystal. This is the first girl he hasn’t run a mile from and she wants him to go back to hotshot to warn the town about a DEA raid. The fact that Jason doesn’t look at Crystal like she has taken leave of her senses means that he must really like this girl. He just has dreadful taste in women!

It was fairly obvious that Eric is infatuated with Sookie and would not allow anything to happen to her, but sacrificing himself in order to save her is a new level of love from the Viking vampire. There was also a really touching moment between Pam and Eric, which tells us more about their relationship than we suspected so far.

Overall, a fantastic episode of True Blood – it still seems as though we could do with having Franklyn back, just for the hot craziness of him, but now that Eric has shown his sweet side, maybe we have enough to be going on with for now.

The pace of the episode was just right – not too packed and not too slow. The werewolves have disappeared for now, they are sure to make an appearance in the season finale, but for now the show is better off without them – it was getting rather crowded with all the supernatural’s out there. The season finale is just a week away and it is sure to be as spectacular as we have come to expect from one of the best vampire shows in years.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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