True Blood Season 3 Episode 12 – Evil is Going On

We have finally reached the end of True Blood Season 3. It may have seemed like a fast season but quite a lot has gone on, and the season finale is no exception.

There was still quote a bit to be wrapped up from the season so far – Russell Edgington finally got his punishment at the hands of Eric, and even though Bill wanted to protect Sookie from Eric some nasty home truths were revealed about his relationship with Sookie and she rescinded his invitation to her home… and her heart. As the episode ended, Sam shot his brother Tommy in revenge for his stealing, Lafayette finds out his boyfriend is a witch, Jessica and Hoyt are moving in together, Tara has finally reached breaking point and Sookie has been taken in by her fairy relatives.

So much happened throughout this season of True Blood – many characters were introduced, like Alcide and Franklyn – only for them to disappear just as quickly. There were several conflicting storylines that did not all wrap up as neatly as they could have. There was a definite feeling that some of the characters – Jason especially – were kept in the show because they were well liked from previous seasons, but they did not have a lot to do.

That said, we learned a lot about the world of True Blood in this season. We learned that the vampire hierarchy is a lot more complex than we thought, that there are more supernatural creatures in the world than just vampires; werewolves and fairies exist too, Sookie is far from the normal human she thought she was – but we knew that anyway, and some people- weres and vamps included – just can’t take no for an answer.

Without getting spoilery for those who have not read the books, this season is the one that strayed from Charlaine Harris’s text the most. There are some changes that were definitely beneficial for the flow of the story, and to entwine the separate worlds of the supernatural beings some more, but there are some elements of the book that were missed on screen. The next book in the season is one of the best in the series so far, and it can only be hoped that the writers will stick more closely to the narrative, rather than complicating things by bringing in too many characters and not giving them enough to do.

Overall, a satisfying season of True Blood, with some satisfactory resolutions for the characters, but so far, season one is still the best we have seen and, fingers crossed, season 4 will be a return to form.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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