True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 – It Hurts Me Too

True Blood has developed a habit of starting each episode exactly where the previous one left off. While this is good for the pace of the story over all, it does leave the audience trying to remember exactly what had happened the week before. A small complaint however, as each episode seems determined not to waste any time and dive into the story.

The first thing we learn, straight from the brain of there werewolf that attacks Eric and Sookie, is that Bill is being held in Jackson. That narrows down Sookie’s search somewhat and she is eager to go off and start her hunt, but is persuaded to wait until the following night by Eric. Just as Sookie is cleaning the dead werewolf’s blood from her rug, another one turns up – this is one of the good guys though; Alcide. Alcide was sent to help Sookie by Eric and together they make the journey to Mississippi where they encounter some not so friendly weres, as well as one who was involved with Bill’s abduction.

Bill, with the aid of some flashbacks to the last time that he insisted on staying in the human world, realises that the best way for him to protect Sookie is to swear loyalty to his kidnapper – Russell Edgington, Vampire King of Mississippi. Bill’s maker, Lorena, has also been brought into the mix and it is when Bill hears of weres being sent to find Sookie in an attempt to convince him to do what Russell wants, that he relents. Much to Lorena’s displeasure.

Sam, meanwhile, says goodbye to his new found family and returns to Bon Temps, only for his family to follow him. Tara and Franklyn sleep together and Jason decides that he has found his calling in life – to become a police officer. Hoyt still misses Jessica and Jessica finally finds out where the dead body under her floor went to.

Another solid episode of True Blood. The story is pulling closer to that of the books, and this is welcome – there is a reason why the books are so popular – but the show is also trying to distinguish itself and not just be a word for word remake of the books. This is where it distinguishes itself from so many bad adaptations.

There are many interesting elements through this weeks episode. The idea of maker and ‘child’ comes into play through the vampire interaction. For the first time, someone brings up the idea of Sookie being made into a vampire by Bill, something that has been avoided up until now. Talbot and Russell show the dynamic of their relationship, and Talbot’s mincings and prancings about who gave who which tapestry in which century are genuinely amusing – as are all vampire machinations when they try to be upper class and civilised. Lorena and Bill’s relationship also takes a turn for the complex when she compels him to sleep with her, even though his mind is clearly at odds with his body. A fantastic scene and a great way to end the episode.

Sookie takes more time off, after arranging Eggs’ funeral and for Tara to return to her house, in order to track down Bill. How Sookie manages to get all the time off from the bar must be magic! Sam is obviously her friend and an understanding boss, but hasn’t she just returned from Dallas? This is where the character of Alcide comes in – a were who is sure to shake up the vampires quite a lot. Not only is he handsome, but he is tasked with looking after Sookie, the human that all the vamps seem to want.

There is one other major thread running through the episode. The rest of the stories, while they continue, are forced back to allow these to come to the fore. Franklyn. His arrival in Bon Temps is not coincidental by any means, and his way of getting in with Tara and Jessica – possibly the two most weakened characters in the show at the moment – shows that there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. James Frain is a fantastic choice for this new character as he not only looks like he has something of the night about him, but has the temperament to pull off being the first actual evil vampire that the show has given us for a long time – Eric is just a flirt with a dangerous edge and Pam’s recent forays into the world of Sappho are rather amusing. It will be interesting to see how far Franklyn will be allowed to go.

Another great episode of True Blood, but this is what we have come to expect from the show. Now that it is in its third season with an ever growing fanbase means that the show knows what it is doing and knows how to do it right. It is essentially the anti Twilight – the vampires are more Anne Rice than Anne Geddes – and we love them for it. Season three is shaping up to be a great one, and the first three episodes are pulling us in for the ride.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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