True Blood Season 3 Episode 9 – Everything is Broken

This week, Eric faces judgement from Nan Flanagan and the Authority over the sale of V and the various incidents that have happened at Fangtasia recently, Bill uncovers the truth about Sookie’s powers, Sookie meets a new relative and Russell Edgington vows revenge over the death of Talbot. As well as this, Jessica and Hoyt have something of a reunion, Tommy causes all sorts of trouble for Sam, Lafayette and Jesus get closer and Tara tries to come to terms with being used by Franklyn.

This was probably the slowest episode of the season so far. Sookie and Bill are back together after being apart for all of one episode. This is slightly frustrating seeing as Sookie seemed to be coming to her senses about the effect that Bill was having on her life. She made one step forward and took two steps back. Bill had an encounter with Claudine, and it seems he has finally figured out the source of Sookie’s power. It’s about time this happened, there is a very fine line between giving someone an air of mystery and dragging the story out and Sookie’s backstory needed something to be revealed for it to carry on.

Nan Flanagan – the campaigner for the Vampire Rights Amendment – finally put in an appearance in person, rather than just on the TV. She arrived at Fangtasia to take a statement from Eric about the various shenanigans he has been involved in, and Eric had absolutely no problem telling her just what Russell Edgington had been up to. While they were waiting the Authority’s judgement, there were some sweet moments between Pam and Eric – it’s good to see that they actually care about each other and that there is actually a proper relationship between the two other than contempt and loyalty.

It was good to see Sookie’s cousin Hadley away from Sophie Anne, and see her developing more as a character through her concern for her son, Hunter. The fact that Hunter is telepathic as well may be part of the reason that Bill thinks he has got to the bottom of the mystery of Sookie’s family. It was also good to see Jessica and Hoyt finally have a conversation after dancing around each other since the start of the season. Here’s hoping that the sweetest couple True Blood has ever had will get back together.

Jason is still getting himself into trouble with Crystal and now the rest of Hotshot are being dragged into it. Crystal keeps warning Jason about her family – and when it comes to it she chooses them over him. Jason seemed to be genuinely surprised by this turn of events, but anyone who had been listening to what Crystal was saying would not be. Jason is a sweet character, but sometimes he needs to wake up to what is going on around him.

Sam finally reaches the end of his tether. Tommy constantly abuses his hospitality and generosity throughout the episode but sadly, when Sam flips out, it is not with Tommy, but Crystal’s father Calvin. While the story of Sam and his family was interesting so far, it seems about time that Tommy gets what is coming to him. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later.

Tara tries to come to terms with how she was treated by Franklyn, but just as she forgets about him he reappears – he wasn’t dead after all (but we knew that, didn’t we?) but Jason shoots him with a wooden bullet to protect Tara. It’s a shame that Franklyn is finally gone from True Blood, he really was the best new character of this season, but it seems there is only so much Tara can take… Fair enough!

The big revelation comes at the end of the episode when Russell Edgington invades a TV studio and rips out the presenter’s spine. He then launches into a rant about the nature of vampirism and swears to show humans the true face of vampires. This is sure to be the big story for the rest of the season – everyone is going to be out to bring Edgington down and protect their own best interests.

All in all, a slow episode of True Blood and possibly the low point of the season so far, but there are plenty of plot points being worked on and refined to give fuel to the rest of the season.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. Red Five /

    Would have to disagree, didn’t think it was the low point so far, the only low point being a lack of Alcide Herveaux. But the ending was fantastic! Tiffany!

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