V Season 2 Episode 1 – Red Rain

V is back, but the question that seems to be on everyone’s lips is whether it can fulfil the promise made at the end of last season. The promise of a second season that would actually keep viewer interest.

For those who have forgotten, the last episode of season 1 featured an emotional outburst from Anna that no one had been expecting, the birth of a human/V hybrid baby and the death of many V soldiers. As well as this, Anna’s emotional outburst led to her creation of Red Sky, which literally is what you would think – the sky over earth has been turned red. The thing we don’t know is… Why?

The new episode of V opens on a strong note – Erica walking through abandoned streets filled with bodies, looking for her son. When she finds Tyler he dissolves in her arms and an angry Anna tells her “you kill my children, I kill yours”. Of course, this is a dream, but it may well be a premonition and is eerily reminiscent of The Walking Dead and powerful enough to make the audience wonder what happened. Shame it’s just a dream.

From there, V moves up into it’s normal pace – Erica is still pretending to search for the Fifth Column while working with them, Tyler is still besotted with Lisa and spends time on the ship with her, and Anna still has more plans than she is letting on.

It appears that Anna’s emotional outburst was not a one off, and she is becoming irrational. She attacks and kills one of her own people in an effort to express her control, but – while it is a good excuse for the audience to see some more of the V anatomy – all this does is remind us that she is not as cool and controlled as we thought she was. Of course the revelation that the captains of the 29 other ships were as surprised by Red Sky as the rest of us does nothing to strengthen Anna’s position. She goes on to kill her surviving children, but is racked with guilt and barely conceals her emotions. Nice to see Anna losing it, this could work well for her character in the future, especially now since Anna has turned to her mother, someone that fans of the original show will be very pleased to see, although how many mothers are there on the V ship?

OK, so the Red Sky… We are told, by Anna, that the red sky and resulting red rain are a gift to the people of earth and will ‘reverse global warming’… Poppycock. The audience isn’t even trying to believe that one, although the gullible people of earth seem to and they stop their looting and frenzied prayer. The Fifth Column – with the new member of Chad Decker – find out that the red rain is actually going to change earth and it’s inhabitants to allow the V to breed with them. Anna seems to have lost the plot there – it has already happened, remember Ryan? – and now Erica suspects that she was experimented on when she was pregnant which means that Tyler is probably half V himself.

This particular storyline, especially with the Fifth Column discovering a scientist who discovered V skeletons on earth a long time ago is a little too much, even for V. It seems as though the show is bringing in scientists, not only for a fresh face in the rebel crew, but to explain things to the audience that could well have been explained by Ryan – he is a V after all. The acting seems stilted by these developments, as though the cast are trying to deliver information rather than discuss what they actually know. It’s a shame that V gets so bogged down in itself rather than enjoying the world that it has created.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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