V Season 2 Episode 2 – The Serpent’s Tooth

This week, V is all about the notion of the soul. This is something that Anna just cannot get her head around – the seat of human emotion is not a physical place, but more a theological idea. The discussion of religion barely enters the equation, but nonetheless, this is an unusual topic of discussion from a group of space monsters who basically want to use the human population on order to procreate. Anna’s discussions with her mother about the notion of the soul make for some interesting viewing.

Suicide bombers attack the 29 peace ambassador centres across the world, leading Erica and her FBI partner – who just happens to be a V – on an action packed chase. The end result is not a good one for either party and leaves the episode on a cliffhanger. These attacks were carried out by the real Fifth Column – not our little merry band of rebels, but the real deal – and although the bombings stir up some anti-V sentiment, it turns out the real target was… Chad Decker. Interesting.

Anna is also trying to get Ryan back on the side of the V by clothing his daughter in human skin and using her to manipulate him. Of course, Anna knows what she is going and her plan works.

We have come to expect patchy episodes of V. Some of them are fantastic, and others are over acted and treat the audience like a bunch of children. This episode falls somewhere in between the two. Information is revealed, but more organically than in episodes past and the acting is not as hammy as in episodes past. It really feels as though everyone involved in V is trying to make the show live up to the hype, and this week it worked. Let’s hope they keep this going.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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