Greetings geeks! Once again, we pose an all important question to our very own geeks: if you could have any fictional tech from a book, film, tv or game what would it be?  What do you think the GS crew asked for? Well, it is nearly Christmas….

George: It’s got to be the transporter from star trek! It’d be amazing to be able to just transport myself to the train station in the morning instead of having to walk in the rain! Although saying that, I could transport myself to work, and cut out the whole commute as well I suppose…

Luke: The sonic screwdriver. 

Dave W: I cannot say anything other than a lightsabre…I’m physically incapable of walking past a forcefx sabre in the toyshop without firing it up. Say what you like about the Prequels, they gave us some amazing lightsabre battles.

Dion: It’s got to be a holo deck from Star Trek for me, no questions. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You want it, you just give a voice command. Food, drink, women, exploration, women, food, the Best role playing games in the world. Plus in a pinch you could convert the tech to be a teleportation pad or brothel. I’d never leave it! (Plus… think of the women.)

WedgeDoc: Do vehicles count? A working TARDIS (and knowledge how to use it properly) would be great. Probably with a wood-panelled effect console dekstop theme like the one in the 8th Doctor’s first story. With this, I’d be able to live how / when I pleased really 🙂

The annoying thing is most of the really cool tech would probably get you into trouble … on account of dealing death! So taking weapons out of the picture, I’d have to go with the new “magic wand” Sonic Screwdriver, even though I don’t like it on principle (It’s not a screwdriver any more) I have to admit it’s a darn useful piece of kit. Need some cash? No worries (The Long Game), Broken fence? Whatever! (The Doctor Dances)…etc etc…

BrodySixx: I always thought a hoverboard would be handy in traffic and lightsabers could help in so many ways other than defeating enemies!

Thomas P: I think everyone has overlooked probably the best vehicle to ever grace our comic panels and television screens: The Batmobile! But, it would have to be the one from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – that thing is an absolute beast!  Imagine rocking up to college/work in that bad boy, also you could get away with putting on a fake, deep voice.

Shar: What I could use more of is time, so I’d be all for having a real-life Time Turner!

Matthew P: I’ll take a income T-65…. better known as The X-Wing! The ability to fly anywhere in the galaxy and then blow stuff up is priceless! Mine would have a custom paint job! I’m thinking silver and gold! I might even take it on Pimp my Starfighter!

Matt F: As a kid I always wanted the Back to the Future 2 flying, fusion powered DeLorean. I think I still do.

Brogen: Sonic Screwdriver. Looks like the Swiss army knife of alien tech.

Montoya: For me it is the DeLorean as well. You could use it to drive to work, get your shopping, do the school run and take it for quick flight and oh yes you could travel back in time!!!!!!!

So there you go geeks! Let us know what you would want in the comments!

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  1. Though it’s not really fictional, I’d want Oracle’s computer set up with the multiple screens, biometric security system and the automatic data gathering from CIA, FBI and MI5 & 6. I think it would be useful for running my own crime fighting team, anyone want in?

    • montoc1701 /

      ha ha sounds like a great idea…. Wahaaaaaa ha ha (evil laugh)

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