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So here we are again answering the important questions that need answering from the world of geekdom. This edition of Voices sees our intrepid team given the keys to Hollywood on both the big screen and small screen. They have the power to bring back any franchise so what would it be and one show is mentioned twice, can you guess? Read on and see if you agree.

Luke: Mine would have to be Crime Traveller. A wee BBC show on in the 90s where a detective gets a time machine. It ran for one season and I loved it! I would also like to see space precinct return and a rebooted Constantine for films. Make it dark, noir n British with John simm playing Constantine.

Matthew: I would reboot Highlander! I would get Chris Nolan to write and direct it. straight up remake of the original with a few Nolanesce tweeks.

As for a TV series I would have a Damon Lindelof ran Highlander series, it would be set in the Rebooted universe and would follow an Immortal (not Conner) through different periods of time. It wouldn’t run in order so one week we get near future next week we would be American civil war then next week it would be the 70’s. Each time period would only be connected by the main character and his nemesis. Conner could guest star every series.

Clarky The Cruel: The Professionals – slick British counter-terrorist agents based on the Brian Clements 70s-80s show w Lewis Collins & Martin Shaw.

Barry: Hmm a lot too choose from at the moment. Personally I think there’s not enough sci-fi on at the moment and by that I mean spaceships, lasers , strange new world etc. So for me I’m going to have to go with Space 1999. I think if they approached it like the new BSG we could get something special. I would also love to see someone else have another go at a Flash Gordon TV series as let’s face it couldn’t be any worse than that travesty SyFy knocked out.

Liz: Also! I think more stories from the Tales of the Golden Monkey. Best show with a cheeky nod to the Indy Jones franchise.

Dave: Now that Spooks and CSI have descended into a parodies of themselves I would love to see a gritty “anything can happen to anyone” return to the battle against the Code 5s…yes, I’m gonna go with Ultraviolet! Nothing new to any listener to Geek Syndicate, this series was woefully short-lived and years ahead of its time.

As he’s getting to the end of his run on House I think Hugh Laurie would make a great replacement for Harman or Anthony Head and if they can find a cast as strong as the original for the rest of the team then I’d be onto a winner. The watchword for the series would be “realism”, with the (pseudo)scientific edge of the original and whilst I’d want a Jack Bauer style “Double Well-‘ard B*%&*(%” in the team I’d made sure there wasn’t any miraculous out-running of nuclear explosions.

Sharlene: Great Shades of Elvis! I’d bring back Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. They ended it right at Season 4 and could’ve kept going! I loved the chemistry between Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher (best Lois Lane EVER IMO) and the balance of cheesiness (clones & frogs much?) with cliffhangers (major proposal in the rain…”Who’s asking? Clark or Superman?” DUN DUN DUN…) was really well done. Miss it a lot!

Montoya: I would have to go with Highlander the series. I loved the show and would really like to see this done now with some high drama. Keep and move away from MacCloud clan but keep the flashbacks in play.

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  1. Bugs…. used to watch that show all the time, really liked how they did the whole Villain-of-the-Week and yet still keep the big bad dude involved in the season. I hated how they ended that show… on a freaking cliffhanger….

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