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Raiders of the Lost Ark

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A this year marks the 30th anniversay of Raiders of the Lost Ark it seemed only appropriate to pitch this question to thee GS team. Raider of the Lost Ark is my all time fave fillm so I think I’ll go last on this bad boy and let the rest of the GS team have their say.

Andrew –

Well naturally being me…
1. The use of an MP28 by Fez wearing speedboat assassins in Holy Grail.
2. Mark VI tanks with additional top turrets in Holy Grail.
2. Alexi Sayle in the Holy Grail.
Though if you asked me I’d only say I liked Raiders!
Christophe –
1. Raiders. The first is the scene where the swordsman shows up and displays his prowess with the blade. Indy just pulls his Webley and shoots him. This is the mind of Indy.

2. Raiders. Its not the years its the mileage.  Marion is trying to tend to Indy’s wounds and he tells her where it does not hurt so she will kiss him. This is heart of Indy.

3. Last crusade. If I could I would say the whole opening segment but if it had to be one scene I would say where he gets the hat. This is the origin of Indy.

1. Holy Grail – When the guy chooses the wrong cup and ages really quickly. It both creeped me out and fascinated me as a kid!

2. Last Crusade – After fighting briefly with Vogel and throwing him from the zeppelin, turning round to explain ‘No ticket’. I love it even more for being referenced by Kevin Smith in Dogma.

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark – Is it too cliché to say the opening? That is a great opening!


Naturally the nuclear proof fridge and astonishing monkey swinging feature high in my list… but alas not in the top three.
1. First and foremost I think is Indie’s entrance in Raiders. It’s just so damned iconic, with the silhouette cast in the flickering firelight.
2. Gross out moments are an integral part of the series, from the melting power of God’s special box to ‘snake surprise’ but for my money nothing quite beats the propeller death of the big bad boxing Nazi. A cracking fight with an end that thrills as much as it repels.
Damn, that’s two from Raiders.  Hmm…
3. For number three I’ll have to go with a comedy moment. Just beating out the legendary scene where the Arab twizzles his sword impressively, only to be shot by the ever pragmatic Indie, is the similarly set up tricky situation on the bridge in Temple of Doom. A savage blocks the way (twizzling.) indie smiles cockily and reaches for his pistol – which isn’t there!
1. i love the bar fight in Raiders – it’s wonderfully choreographed and the chemistry between Indy and Marion is the best in series. I’ll also have to stick with Raiders for what is probably Indy’s definitive moment; the gun vs sword moment in the Egyptian Bazaar.2. For the third and final one i’ll go to “Last Crusade” and whole “running and bickering” sequence in the German Castle between the two Henry Jones. Just a spot-on mix of action and throwaway gags.

Vichus Smith
1. Indy Vs. the Mechanic (and the mechanic vs. The Flying Wing) another great fight scene2. The secret origin of Indiana Jones’ name, revealed in The Last Crusade. You would think that after saving the world and keeping everyone alive he would get some respect, but oh, no! Even one of the greatest adventurers of all time gets his chops busted.

3. My favorite Indy Moment has go to be when Indy plays the most badass game of rock, paper. scissor ever.  Gun always beats sword, especially at long range!

1.  Opening scenes of Raiders. It’s just genius! From the moment that guy in the spikes’ head rolls towards indie it’s just pure class! One mistimed, or misweighed counterweight later and there’s ground shaking, dart spitting, boulder rolling mayhem! And he didn’t even lose his whip!
2. The fight scene between Indy and the German Mechanic in Raiders! As a kid I always got nervous when the out of control aeroplane was spinning round and round! It was always a relief when that big German got gnarled up!
3. The mine car scene in Temple…possibly because it was originally planned to be in Raiders, and about the only bit of this film I truly love! It’s exciting, and brilliant fun
Top three Indy moments are difficult to pin down. After some thought, I’m going with one each from the first three movies:
1. “Those who live by the sword – get shot by those who don’t”. The (not so) old adage is proved by Indy
2. In Temple of Doom, that bit near the end on the rope bridge is awesome. Such a last-desperate move to try. Plus Indy looks well beat by that point.
3. In Last Crusade, I love that bit in the Library where Indy and Elsa are looking for the entrance to the tomb of the Knight. “X really does mark the spot”

1) A lot of people have picked the opening but for me it’s a very specfic part of the opening. It’s scene where Indy is running for the plane chased by the hovitos. As you hear the plane propeller start you hear the Raiders March for the first time. It was the scene that gave me love of film sound tracks. Even at aged eleven I knew I was in for the ride of my life from that moment. Never, ever get tired of that scene.
2) The truck chase in Raiders. I still remember in the cinema the audience applauding when Indy’s rides out on the white horse and don’t even get me started on the whole under the truck stunt. awesome combination, set pieces, music and edge of seat stunts.
3) “Me? illumination” when you here that word uttered by Henry Jones jr in The Last Crusade you that the next few minutes are cinema gold. It’s the first time in that film that the Raiders march is given full reign (John Williams intended this) and it works brilliantly. We then get to see one of the most perfect ending to a film the heroes riding off into the sunset
Happy Birthday ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ It’s safe to say I would not be the man/geek I am today with your influence.
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  1. My twopenn’orth:

    1. a simple one – RAIDERS: Indy, in Marion’s bar in silhouette except for a diamond of light over his eye. Beautiful shot. Runner-up: Swapping the idol for the bag of sand.

    2. RAIDERS again: Toht’s coathanger. A character so creepy and chilling that when what appears to be a torture device turns out to be a travel-coathanger the relief is immense. Magnificent film-making too; characters and audience totally in tune. Runner-up: “Bad dates”

    3. RAIDERS again, sorry, and possibly cheating: The while bit from the Mechanic Punch-Up through the Truck Chase. Not one but two perfect set pieces right next to each other. That really shouldn’t work. Action sequences back-to-back like that should be too much, but it works perfectly. It was cool to see that Indy *isn’t* a great fighter. You really feel that first punch in the face he cops and he drops flat on his arse – when had you ever seen an action hero do that? And then straight on to the Truck Chase which is about a perfect piece of film-making as ever exists: acting, stunts, editing, music. Look at Indy’s face throughout he’s a brutal son of a bitch sometimes and he’s really enjoying himself. Runner-up: the marketplace swordsman (again, Indy, brutal).

  2. SnazzyO /

    1) Raiders: sword vs gun – iconic moment, often repeated in other films now
    2) Grail: He chose poorly
    3) Temple: Cutting the rope bridge

    It’s an embarrassment of riches to pick from but these are what comes to mind.

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