Waiting For The Trade – Wonder Woman: Warkiller

Writer: Gail Simone
Artists: Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan & Bernard Chang
Colourist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Travis Lanham

Collects: Wonder Woman #34-39

I’ve read most, but not all, of Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman in a somewhat piecemeal fashion due in some part to DC’s HC vs TPB policy and then also due to my waxing and waning in my like of the character. As such I’m never quite sure that I’m “getting it” 100%. I think it’s important to lay that groundwork as it’s not a straightforward “here’s a book I’m buying because I like it” type situation…I am consciously trying to get into Wonder Woman as the part of the Trinity which I know least about.

This book isn’t for the beginner, as it seems to be the culmination of storylines leading right back to Simone’s first issues and places a reasonable burden on the reader knowing the cast of characters. This is a cast which is particularly large covering, as it does, everything from illegal metahuman crime rings in Japan to all-out war on Paradise Island. When characters appear you don’t get a handy-dandy introduction, you might get a flashback but only when it’s need to drive the story on relentlessly. If you don’t know why Alkyone resents Diana then don’t expect to have it explained.

Now that might sound like a criticism but I don’t mean it as such. The fact of the matter is you’re 35 issues into a series and a couple of years into Simone’s run. The lack of exposition does lend the story a frenetic pace particularly in the Warkiller story arc. A lot of ground is covered, I could easily have seen this paced out over a year in some other books. Maybe with Gail Simone’s run coming to an end there was a need for alacrity?

The story balances pace, comedy and action well and if I have one criticism it’s that the ending wraps up a bit too neatly and quickly for my liking.

The art continues strong, Aaron Lopresti has the right balance of soft femininity and muscular power in his rendition of Wonder Woman.

In a previous review of this series I said I felt a marathon reading of Simone’s run was justified and I stand by that now and I’m happy to say I’m excited at the prospect.

Reviewer: Dave Williams

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