Fighting Fantasy re-launch with The Port of Peril

Ian Livingstone’s new Fighting Fantasy gamebook, The Port of Peril, will be published by Scholastic UK in August 2017. Despite rumours that the plot centres upon a particularly dodgy fortified wine ingested by a moderately debaucherous adventurer, who must subsequently set forth from somewhere in the vicinity of the Moonstone Hills in order to obtain ‘no-questions-asked’ medical treatment in the nearest large town, sources close to the author assert that the port in question is in fact Port Blacksand, the infamous City of Thieves, and that the adventure involves little debauchery but plenty of peril.

With world rights recently acquired by Scholastic UK, not only will The Port of Peril be the first publication from the bestselling gamebook brand since 2012, its appearance will also herald the re-launch of the series. Coincident with the thirty-fifth anniversary of Fighting Fantasy’s heroic adventures set primarily in Allansia, Khul and the Old World, “Scholastic UK is proud to announce the acquisition of Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson’s classic series of adventure gamebooks which will be republished, repackaged and reignited for a new generation.”

Of the impending series re-launch, Livingstone says: “Fighting Fantasy has survived the test of time, and I’m thrilled that Scholastic are reimagining our gamebook series for a new generation of fans. Starting with five classic titles, including The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, I hope readers will have enough SKILL and STAMINA to survive the challenges of The Port of Peril, my brand-new adventure.”

Steve Jackson, who also masterminded the Sorcery! gamebook quartet, says: “It was 35 years ago that the first Fighting Fantasy gamebook appeared in UK bookshops and readers became heroes as they explored the caverns of Firetop Mountain. And now, after all those years, it is particularly exciting for FF to be embarking on a new publishing partnership with Scholastic, the world’s largest children’s books publisher. May their Stamina never fail!”

Scholastic UK emphasise that the “launch campaign will be focused on reaching new readers whilst also celebrating the 35th anniversary with the passionate existing [Fighting Fantasy] fan base.” Tantalisingly, the children’s book publishing giant also says that “A further tranche of titles will publish in spring 2018.” A genuine ‘playground craze’ of the early-to-mid-1980s, will history repeat itself three-and-a-half decades down the track?

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  1. Person of Con /

    There’s basically been a series relaunch or reprint attempt every seven years or so since the first series ended in 1995. (So, three, I guess, counting this one.) But it’s great to see them continually in print, and still making new volumes.

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