Nine Worlds: Help Update Geek In The Oxford Dictionary

What is a Geek? What does the Oxford dictionary say? Have they got it right and do they cover all the words and meanings. Well Nine Worlds is going to bring Oxford Dictionaries to Geekfest to get it right but they need your help.

This news is such a great example of type of things that Nine Worlds Geekfest is doing right and that they “get” what it means to be a geek. So if you want to ensure the next generation know what it means to be a geek get involved.

Catherine Sangster from Oxford Dictionaries will be in the Creative Writing track room at Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014 all weekend collecting new senses and definitions of geek terms and cultural references.
“All cultures have their own unique languages, and geekdom is no different!

Come to County A at the Radisson, Heathrow, and help us tweak definitions, debate pronunciations, propose meanings, and get geek words and meanings in the dictionary,” said Megan Rosslyn. “Personally, I have already started with the definition of geek!”

If you do a search on the internet now the definition of geek states – noun: an unfashionable or socially inept person.

Me thinks there is a change in the air and we are the ones who can make it happen so whether you are a LARPer, a browncoat, a gamer or a Trekkie(er) then helps us True Believers!

Does The Big Bang Theory get being a geek right?



The creative writing track at Nine Worlds 2014 will be putting on workshops for budding and experienced writers of all kinds and flavours. “We have sessions on how to write your own fantasy language, giving the alien perspective, and writing mysteries for the modern age. We are working with a number of other tracks to bring a rounded and enthralling programme of writing focused activities and talks from across the spectrum of geekery. We are looking forward to inspiring new ideas and helping the next Ray Bradbury or Robin Hobb find their feet,” said track head Hannah Eiseman-Renyard. “From our ‘Battle Rapping Monsters’ kids’ session, to our late night ‘Smut Slam’, we’ve got something for everyone!”
In line with Nine Worlds Geekfest’s policy, the programme will be both inclusive and interactive, with diverse programming and guests from all over the world, for audiences of all ages and interests.


SOURCE: Nine Worlds

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