We just got this latest press release from the guys over at Forbidden Planet about their latest signing event!

Forbidden Planet is pleased to announce a two signings by bestselling comedy author Robert Rankin. He will be signing Necrophenia at the Forbidden Planet Birmingham Superstore on Friday 16th January 2009 from 1:00 – 2:00pm and at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 17th January 2009 1:00pm – 2:00pm.

During the latter part of World War II, England’s Ministry of Serendipity enlisted the services of arch-magician Aleister Crowley. Follow the discoveries of Tyler, rock star and private eye, as he leads a cast of millions including George Formby, Mick Jagger, Mama Cass, Elvis Presley and Lazlo Woodbine. Not to mention his brother Andy, the lady from Croydon who holds the secrets of the Multiverse and the corner shopkeeper who created a living room for God. And a lot of living dead. Oh – and the monster in human form whose intention it is to turn the Earth into a Necrosphere, totally devoid of life . . .

London-born Robert Rankin started writing in the 1970s and his books regularly storm the bestseller lists including The Witches of Chiswick and The Toyminator. He’s one of the country’s most renowned humorous fantasy writers and is well known for having recurring characters and running gags which pop up throughout his books. Robert is also an unrepentant Luddite who writes novels by hand in exercise books.

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Source: Forbidden Planet

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