Scrolls to visit the Festival In The Shire

Sometimes Mohammed has to go to the mountain, but this time we’ve been lucky enough to have the mountain toddle up to our backyard.

From the 13th to the 15th of August Middle Earth is coming to the tiny Welsh village of Pontrhydfendigaid, which happens to be about 5 minutes drive from our gaff.

As moderately huge Tolkien fans with a podcast for literary geekdom and a limited budget for travel this is pretty much heaven-sent.  Press passes will give us full access to the event so we aim to bring you the sights and sounds of the Shire as well as a range of interviews from guests, exhibitors, scholars and fans.

It’s an event with three distinct elements to it:

the festival itself, full of entertainers, re-enactments, fan-films and stalls

the conference, where Tolkien scholars and the more academically minded get together for more in-depth talks

the fan exposition, showcasing art and tolkien memorabilia – for the fans, by the fans.

For full information about events and prices go to their official website and it’s also worth taking a look at their Live Journal pages too.

If anyone who listens to Scrolls is able to make the event itself, send an e-mail to us at [email protected] and we can make arrangements to meet up for a pint at the Black Lion.

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