WHO doesn’t love lists? New Doctor Who Book Detailed

Doctor Who Big Book of ListsIt’s been a while since a Doctor Who book of lists was released and since it was, we’ve had a decade of new television episodes on top of the book and audio releases that were around at the time.

Don’t worry though, list fans because into the breach steps Cameron McEwan – author of blogtorwho. The book is filled with over 100 lists and enhanced by fun facts and triva. Artwork is provided by the fantastic Andrew Skilleter – who’s work on such books as the Doctor Who Monster Book and Cybermen I always admired as a youngster. Skilleter is a painter of phenomenal skill and any book is enhanced by his strokes.

The book is entirely unofficial and covers fifty years of time-travelling adventures on the television. It is set for publication by Race Point Publishing on May 7th 2015. It will retail for £12.99 in the UK.

This is one that I am definitely going to be checking out.

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