Celebrate 35 years of Fighting Fantasy with the You are the Hero 2 Kickstarter

If you’re a fan of adventure gamebooks (whether an old-schooler like me or a new-comer to the idea), head on over to Kickstarter from 13:00 (GMT) tomorrow (11 March 2017) and check out Jonathan Green’s campaign to release You are the Hero 2.

The book is the second volume looking back at the production of what became an international best selling series of gamebooks – Fighting Fantasy. As an author of gamebooks himself, Green is perfectly situated to write these books. Indeed he wrote some of the latter entries for the very series this book looks back at himself. This year is the thirty-fifth anniversary of the series and there have been a number of new developments – including comic adaptations and a forthcoming new adventure from series co-creator Ian Livingstone. This second reference book will cover these items as well as include all-new interviews with the writers and artists involved with the series over the years. Here’s Jonathan Green’s blurb from the Kickstarter.

For YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2, I will conduct interviews with these creators, so that I can share their experiences of working on the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks with other fans of the series – after all, I am, first and foremost, a fan myself.


There have also been further developments in the worlds of Fighting Fantasy, Advanced Fighting Fantasy and Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! that are worth recording. Things have certainly not stood still since the 30th anniversary! These developments include the publication of the first FF comic, Ian Livingstone’s FREEWAY FIGHTER, and the forthcoming FF graphic novel, Steve Jackson’s The Trolltooth Wars. And then there are topics, such as Fighting Fantasy’s broadcasting history, which were not covered in the original YOU ARE THE HERO.

I for one will be heading on over to the page at 13:00 to grab myself a CALACORM level reward. If you missed out on the first volume, then fear not. Some pledge rewards include a copy of the original tome. It’s well worth a read – as I hope my review here will convince you! The project aims to be delivered in September 2017.

you are the hero 2

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