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Zombie Survival CoverThis book won’t help you repair your beloved Escort MkII, but it might just save your life!





Even if you currently consider yourself an ‘unbeliever’, the Zombie Survival Manual is also for you. Within its pages you’ll find detailed and documented evidence of zombie outbreaks through history as well as corroborated scientific proof that the zombie virus and zombies exist. In compiling this book, we are fortunate to have had exclusive access to the scientist many consider to be the founding father of zombiology, Dr Khalid Ahmed.

Every now and then we at the GS stumble across a little gem, quite by accident, but a gem nevertheless! In this case, it’s the Haynes Manual for Zombie Apocalypse Survival.

If you are a of a certain age, and owned your first car during the 80’s, possible a Cortina, Polo, Renault 5 or Metro, and dabbled in a bit of D-I-Y mechanics, chances are that you had the appropriate Haynes Manual for your model. Modern cars are notoriously so computerised and complicated that home mechanics is practically dying out – these days the manufacturers build cars in such a way that you have to go to the garage for the most minor or trivial fixit. But back in the day, the Haynes Manuals were the bible – getting you prepared with the correct tools, identifying the symptoms and explaining the diagnosis of your car’s problem, and then shot-by-shot guiding you through the repair.

A few years ago, they did something a little off-beat and produced Haynes Manuals for the Apollo Spacecraft, Lunar Rover and a raft of aeroplanes, including the Concorde and the B2. These were then followed by more tongue-in-cheek but equally accurate manuals on the USS Enterprise, Klingon Bird of Prey, the Millenium Falcon and the Death Star.

And now, well-illustrated and enriched with “the latest scientific updates,” the Zombie Survival Manual will educate, train, amuse, scare and prepare you for any impending Zombie apocalypse.  There’s plenty of information on various methods to identify and take out zombies, including some devastating traps to ensnare the walking dead.

Check out some sample pages below:



If you’ve been scared by some of the best zombie films in recent years, or are just preparing for that unhealthy fear you have that the world is coming to and end, the Zombie Survival Manual is for you. Or if you simply like The Walking Dead and tinkering with a Vauxhall Astra, then you still need this book in your garage along with your emergency water supplies and survival tins of baked beans!!!

A must for Christmas! Get yours now at Haynes Online.


Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: SilverFox

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