Scrolls Chapter 6: Funny Stuff

In which the team tackle the slipperiest of subjects – what makes them laugh in their books.

You can listen to the episode here or download it from i-Tunes (via Geek Syndicate.)

Dark secrets are revealed about Mr Gould, Phil is granted an awooga reprieve, Clover takes her turn calling in from the moon whilst Dion cackles like his mother. A lot. (Oh, the shame.)  To make up for the wait between episodes this is a directors cut, coming in at just under an hour and a half. We hope it’s worth it.  The next one will be out a lot quicker, we promise.  The sound quality is variable, so any bits you can’t hear please just assume that they were funny, relevent and/or intelligent.

Music is provided by Steadman.  I you want to hear more you can download all their stuff for free here.


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