A drastic change for Marvel’s Black Panther? [SPOILERS]

Tchalla, leader of Wakanda

T'challa, leader of Wakanda

Tchalla, leader of Wakanda?

T'challa, leader of Wakanda?

I bet you have questions, and I do as well. Many, in fact. Is the Black panther going to undergo a sex change? Will T’challa survive the Skrull Secret Invasion? Is Wakanda’s current queen, the X-man Storm, going to take up another mantle? Those questions will be answered in ’09, when the Black Panther, apparently, undergoes extensive plastic surgery.

This is yet another gender-bending move in the Marvel U, with Lady Bullseye showing up, a female Loki, a female succesor to Kraven, and a Miss Sinister.

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