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Alan Martin & Rufus Dayglo
28 June 2010 • Paperback • 128pp • £10.99 • 9781848566811

Australia, the near, murky future: in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, the outlaw known only as TANK GIRL spends her days drinking, fighting, farting, and engaging in all manner of unspeakable acts and mischief.

When her best friend BARNEY ends up in a coma following a freaky skateboarding accident, Tank Girl juices up her tank and comes to her aid. Only a twenty billion dollar operation can save Barney’s life – and it just so happens that the WATERMELON RUN, an illegal cross-continental race, has a first prize of that exact amount!

Now all Tank Girl needs to do is drive thousands of miles across the burning Outback, while avoiding the homicidal attentions of the other competitors… oh, and hopefully stop her kangaroo-boyfriend BOOGA from getting off with a shape-changing gnome called Chunky Tumbler…

This collected edition also includes two extra stories and a hamper of bonus material!

>>> Get your panzers to the starting line! >>>

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  1. Iz /

    Woo hoo !! I’m really chuffed that this includes extra stories etc – way more of an incentive to pick up the trade, even though I’ve already got the floppies 🙂

    Can’t wait to pick this up!!

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