Atomic Robo: Volume 4 – Review

I’ve only ever read 1 issue of Atomic Robo from Red 5 Comics and that was the free on you can get on the iPhone/iTouch. It was excellent and I made a mental note to buy the trades as soon as I could, they are currently sitting in my “to buy list”. So when I got the chance to review the latest volume I jumped at it.

This story is set of the course of a shitty week in 1999 and follows Atomic Robo as he battles inter-dimensional Vampires, giant genetically engineered monsters, seemingly super intelligent dinosaurs and the Ghost of his greatest enemy.

The writing in the book is fantastic, it’s quick and funny and flows from panel to panel.The only downside is that all four issues are pretty quick reads however it is still extremely entertaining  and fun. There isn’t a single story flowing all the way through the four issues but Brian Clevinger tells more of a “life in the week of…” story broken into four parts.

**Spoilers Ahead**

The first part takes place inside Tesladyne in New York, Robo is interviewing two possible new action scientist recruits when inter-dimensional vampires attack! from then on it’s non stop violence until one of the new recruits finds a way to send them back to their home dimension.

Part 2 takes part in Japan where Robo teams up with a group of Japanese action scientist to fight a genetically modified japanese villain thought to have died sixteen years previously. The Japanese team looks just like the power rangers (complete with zoids)

Part three takes part on the tropical island of Taravia, where Robo is Botnapped by a talking dinosaur who claims to be a super intelligent time traveler. After some very witty back and forth (mostly forth) Robo is rescued by a team of action scientists.

Part 4 takes place back in New York. A ghost has appeared at Tesladyne and Robo and his team are trying to get to the bottom of it. They discover that this is the ghost of Thomas Edison, Scientist and an old enemy of Robo

The art is pretty and simple. It normal superhero type art work that reminds me of Ryan Ottley’s work on Invincible. You can really tell that Scott Wegner has fun working on this book.

If this book has done one thing it is move Atomic Robo up to the top of my “To Buy List”

It gets a very good 4 and a half starts out of 5

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