Brian Clevinger is a Fighting Avenger

Marvel have anounced that Brian Clevinger (Atomic Robo) is going to write a new ongoing Captain America ongoing titled Captain America: The Fighting Avenger.

This new title will follow Steve Rogers through World War II, it won’t deal with his Super solider origin but solely focus on his exploits during the war before he gets frozen in ice. or as marvel are calling it “post-serum, but pre-legend”

Brian had this to say about the Sentinel of Liberty:

“Cap is a great character, It’s easy to paint him as a symbol of jingoism, but to do so requires that you to ignore his whole history. Cap is everything we should seek to be as citizens both of our nation and of the world. He embodies this ceaseless optimism about what America could be and what we ought to be as Americans. Who wouldn’t want to work with that?”

“Even when you do flashbacks to his World War II days, he already carries himself with the confidence and capability that comes with all his training and experience, But Steve Rogers was just a kid before he got the Super Soldier Serum. He’s the lone product of what was meant to be an expansive super soldier program to counter all the crazy projects the Axis had been getting up to. I don’t care how much training you get, a rookie is a rookie. He’s going to make some mistakes, have some doubts, and learn a lot.”

“Cap goes where he’s needed, Sometimes that’s going to be conventional warfare and sometimes that’s going to be giant monsters.”

“Cap is the peak of human athleticism and that’s going to be a huge edge on the field of combat, but he’s still human and he’s still just one man, one part of a larger fighting force, Our goal is to show Cap busting Nazis and their weird technologies without overshadowing the contributions of un-enhanced soldiers.”

I’m over the moon about this series! a great Writer working with a great character! i can’t wait to see Cap busting kicking some Nazis and punching some leaders of The Third Reich.

GS Reporter: Matt

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