Bristol Comic Con 09 just got BIGGER!

For you guys who were sad to here about the downsizing of this years Bristol Comic Con you may be interested in the following bit of news.

The Bristol International Comic Expo is being complimented by a 2nd venue for May.
FALLEN ANGEL MEDIA are pleased to announce they are hosting a special SMALL PRESS EXPO for the Saturday only at the Mercure hotel.
Mal Smith of Fallen Angel is hosting a sister event as part of the Expo weekend where the Spotlight is firmly on Small Press.
With the main Expo in this credit crunching year downsizing the chances for the small press were limited but a guardian ( Fallen ) Angel has swooped to ensure that the UK’s small press will once again be the heartbeat of the show!”

This is great news. Although I was looking forward to going it was going to be a shame not to see all the small press guys there. I’m hoping with this second venue which is about 5 mins from the other convention that this will change.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. glenn fleming /

    Hi there

    Great news!! Could you please send me info on the costs etc of your tables/entry etc.

    Glenn Fleming
    Publisher of Crikey! Magazine

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