Any project that is about getting comics into the hands of kids or teenagers I’m all for especially one that’s being  handled by the guys behind the ace graphic novel Brodie’s Law. I’ve had a quick look at the website and the art is bright and vibrant and there’s a nice comic viewer in there which makes it’s easy for folk to navigate through the content.

I plan to check this out and review it on the podcast/site in the near future. In the meantime check out the press release below for all the info.


May 18, 2010 – Channel 4 Education is launching Alien Ink, an online graphic novel for teens. Written and illustrated by Pulp Theatre, publishers of the cult hit graphic novel Brodie’s Law, Alien Ink aims to reflect a series of teen pressures, including relationship issues, sexual health and drug use.

Trinity and Ryder arrive in Camden, London, curiously at the same time as UFO sightings on Primrose Hill. They open Alien Ink, a tattoo shop in Camden Town, which quickly becomes a hub for local teens, thanks to its unusually welcoming aura and the beautiful tattoo art. Trinity and Ryder seem to be normal young people – but as word spreads about their extraordinary tattooing talents, questions begin to be asked.

The stories centre around Trinity, Ryder and their network of new friends at the shop. Published in seven issues, comprising a total of 30 episodes, one-a-week for 30 weeks, Alien Ink combines Pulp Theatre’s trademark innovative illustrations and animations with engaging storylines designed to reflect the experiences of teenagers today.

Alien Ink is the first title to be published under the umbrella of Pressure Comics, set up to produce graphic novels to tackle issues in teen life.

Readers can interact with the comic via Facebook, MySpace, quiz apps, YouTube and the Pressure blog, and are encouraged to get involved in the Alien Ink world, discussing the issues raised or by submitting examples of their own creativity, be it artwork, graphic design, writing, poetry, or even their own tattoo design. Alien Ink will also be available to view on Facebook and, in a partially animated format, on YouTube.

Alien Ink combines bold artwork with youth-targeted writing. Pulp Theatre’s previous graphic novel, Brodie’s Law, received critical acclaim and worldwide sales of over 30,000. Forbidden Planet called it “one of the most groundbreaking comic books to come out of the UK in the last ten years.” Hard copies of the first issue of Alien Ink will receive a limited edition release, and will be distributed free to libraries across the country.

Alice Taylor, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 Education says: “We’re thrilled to have found and be working with a dynamic organisation like Pulp Theatre, and to be exploring a new way to engage with teenagers. Alien Ink will raise everyday issues in a relevant and entertaining way, and will further deliver useful data on topics like health, drugs or tattooing alongside the storylines. We think this is a great way to reach teens with stories that matter, and to point them to information that’ll genuinely help.”

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