COMIC PREVIEW: The Fuse Volume 1: The Russia Shift

Midway orbits 22,000 miles above the surface of Earth, a five-mile-long steel city that is home to half a million people. And within the hollow metal walls are “cablers” — Midway’s discarded and derelict. Two of them turn up murdered in front of Midway’s city hall, and Detective Ralph Dietrich arrives just in time to take the confounding case — and to meet his partner, veteran detective Klementina Ristovych.

THE FUSE VOLUME 1: THE RUSSIA SHIFT, the new graphic novel from Image Comics by Antony Johnston (UMBRAL, Daredevil, Wasteland) and Justin Greenwood (Wasteland, Stumptown), takes readers into the depths of Midway as Detectives Dietrich and Ristovych follow the threads of the crime through the city’s political entanglements and bloody history.

If I could make a genre sandwich (stick with me everything will become clear) then I think having a creamy filling of Sci-fi,Crime drama and a dollop of mystery would make for a sandwich that would make even the best Subway concoction wilt. OK bad anologies aside the preview for The Fuse makes for some slick reading and in some ways it already reminds me a lot of Powers by Bendis and Oeming, which is no bad thing.

THE FUSE VOLUME 1: THE RUSSIA SHIFT will be hitting comic book shops on August 27 and in bookshops on September 9.  Check out the preview below.




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Source: Image Comics

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