Comixology or How I learned to Love Mobile Comics

This is my first post for Geek Syndicate, so be gentle with me – you can get the whips and chains out later!

Comixology are currently the industry leader in the realm of mobile comics. not only are they the first to go worldwide, but they also have struck deals of some sort with all the large publishing houses.Starting out with just a comics news app, Comixology have revolutionised reading comics on your mobile device.
Comixology stated out with only a few comic companies available – the largest being IDW or Image, but bundled in with those you could also read Red5, Com.X and more. This was the app that opened a whole lot more to me as a comic reader!
living in the UK and not having a local comic shop, the only access I had to comics were:

  1. Torrented files (illegal)
  2. Marvel UK glossies (Hit and miss)
  3. 2000AD (I still get)
  4. Marvel Digital & Zuda (Cost and no more!)

These were all well and good, but I wanted more! With the release of the Comics on Comixology app, I suddenly was able to read the likes of Invincible, Cla$$War and Atomic Robo! I quickly got into many different series, eagerly waiting for Thursdays new releases! This is what got me working on my blog 3 Million Years.
Soon I discovered other comic readers – iVerse and Robot Comics. I will cover these in later posts, along with some newer ones.
More on Comixology though!

Depending on the publisher, the comics available on Comixology vary in age – companies such as Marvel & DC, have such a large catalogue to choose from, its very difficult to decide, mixing newer properties with old ‘classics’ as such, from these you can expect to be able to read the 1940’s Captain America strips and Batman Black and White to more recent editions such as High Noon and Young Allies. companies such as Boom! or Red5, wait until a few issues of a current run are complete in print format, and then release them as a block of issues – such as Irredeemable or Atomic Robo.
Prices on the app start from nothing (issue #1’s etc) to £4.99 (full graphic novels such as Pinocchio: Vampire Hunter)
You have to take into account the viewing method too – it takes time to convert the original comic to view on Comixology. The panels are dissected and rotated to give you the optimum viewing method. The app takes advantage of the portrait and landscape viewing on the iPhone/iPad/iPad rotating the panels depending on the viewpoint. With larger screens, such as big splash pages, the screen scrolls around them taking in as much as possible. (This is especially helpful when reading something like The Infinity Gauntlet) It works too, the panels scroll the way the eye would, so there is no confusion.

Scrolling down a panel from Iron Man: Legacy of Doom

So, with all these publishers ‘what else can I get’ I hear you cry!
Well – exclusive content! Comixology started it with the absolutely awesome Box 13 which was written and drawn for viewing on the iPhone. The whole series is completely free and you can read it on your phone or on Comixology’s website. Others are now jumping on the band wagon – along with a sequel to Box 13 and Comixology’s Moon Girl, expect to see more from the likes of Marvel, DC and the rest as they move forward with this new medium.

Its not competition to dead trees – its a companion.

Comixology have stated to me that they may have some news between now and SDCC – we shall see!

3 Million Years is another comics blog.
With a slant towards digital and iPhone comics.
I will endevor to bring the latest news, reviews and commentary in this new medium.
I also bring you a regularly updated comic – just click on the ‘Latest Comic’ tab to read the latest comic. Its updated every Tuesday and Thursday

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  1. Liz /

    I love Comixology. I have it on my iphone and have actually downloaded it onto my boss’s iPad to show him what it all looks like. He’s a pretty cool guy and travels a lot, hence the iPad and I think I may have convinced him to keep Comixology on there. Naturally his kids think he’s mental. Good write up…what can they have up their sleeve before SDCC???


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