Countdown to Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo 2010 – Day 16 ‘The BulletProof Coffin Ashcan’

Day 16 of the countdown and less than a week to go…have you already started making that important list of what to see and do yet? I know I have. For today’s countdown I thought I would mention one of the exclusive giveaways at the Expo. First her’s some background blurb.

The six-issue series is a satire on the comic book industry, focusing on a collector of pop ephemera who finds himself torn between fantasy and reality.

“This comic is the book Shaky and myself have always wanted to buy, but no-one was really doing it,” Hine told Newsarama. “It’s a satire of all the comics we love from the last 60 years, including the post-modern comics of the ’90s. We mock but we do it with deep affection.”

Kane added: “It’s about dead superheroes, stone-age girls in chamois leather bikinis, eyeball-headed psychics, bulletproof coffins with spiked tires, spirit walkers, secret attic rooms full of comic book collections, and resurrected GIs.” – quote take from Digital Spy

Visitors to the Bristol Expo will be able to pick  The BULLETPROOF COFFIN ashcan for free at the Mercure’s Image Stand. They will only have a limited of ashcans and once they’re gone they’re gone so pick one up if you get the chance.

The creators of the six issue mini series The BULLETPROOF COFFIN, David & Shaky will also be on hand to sign the ashcan. The comic itself will be coming out from Image this summer (June I think).

Check out some more of the art from The BULLETPROOF COFFIN here and check out a Newsarama interview with the guys here.

See you tomorrow!

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