Countdown to Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo 2010 – Day 2 ‘Harker’

Welcome to Day 2 people. I thought rather than focus on a few things I would just pick one thing to highlight each day rather than loads. Anyway with that said let’s take a closer look at my day two offering.

The creators of Harker,Vince Danks and Roger Gibson, are going to be putting an appearance at the show with new issues of their series Harker. For those who don’t Harker is a detective series that’s  a cross between Morse and the Sweeney and works perfectly. The dialogue is cracking and the art is lush. I’m assuming the decision to have the comic in black and white is an intentional one as the choice works so well.

If you want a change from superheroes and are into mystery, matched with gorgeous art and sharp dialogue then give Harker a try. Both Dave and I have read and loved the first trade the Book of Solomon.

Book One features Harker and Critchley on the trail of ritualistic satanic murders – a complex web of lies, deceit and ghoulish horror, taking place in a Secret London of catacombs, blood soaked churches and Satanic Lodges.

Detective Chief Inspector Harker is in his late fifties, a copper set in his ways, old fashioned and irritable, eccentric and grumpy, socially inept, a loner, very much an outsider in today’s modern police force. But he’s still a superb detective, accustomed to cutting away the red herrings and getting right to the heart of a case.

Detective Sergeant Critchley is Harker’s faithful partner, a 21st Century copper, tooled up with all the latest gizmos and a hit with the birds – very much the yin to Harker’s yang.

You can find out more about Harker at Roger Gibson’s website here and pick up copies of the series here. I’ve me the creators a couple of times at the con and they’re great fellas so take the time to stop by their table and check out Harker

See you tomorrow!

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