Countdown to Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo 2010 – Day 20 ‘Cinebook and European Comics’

Well this is the penultimate countdown day and Bristol Comic Con  is nearly upon us. If you’re interested in seeing what about in the European comics scene then today’s countdown is for you.

Cinebook is definate table to visit if you’re interested in finding out about and exporing the world of European comics.

When I started getting back into the comics a few years back I had no idea of the wealth of european comics (my knowledge stopped with Tintin and Asterix) that were out there. The first comic I picked up from the Cinebook stand at Bristol was Largo Winch which I loved it. The art style was very different to what I’d been used to and I was hooked. After that every convention I would stop by the Cinebook stand and see what Cinebook head honcho Olivier Cadic and co had on offer and so far I’ve been dissapointed.

Oliver and his gang  are a great bunch who are very helpful to newbies to the European scene, like myself and will offer advice on what will suite your tastes. They also do a cracking 3 for 2 offer at the cons that I always make use of.

This year they  are launching the long running conspiracy thriller XII in English at the show.

Cinebook to introduce cult graphic novel series “XIIIin English at the Bristol International Comic Expo.

Cinebook will publish “XIII” at the rate of one new volume every two months from May 2010 to July 2013.

Everybody will discover the identity of XIII in 2013!

Over the last 25 years, the dark, engrossing graphic novel series “XIII” has attracted a cult following in French-speaking countries and beyond, with readers eagerly awaiting every one of the 19th instalments published so far.

Launched in 1984, “XIII” was born of Jean Van Hamme’s script and William Vance’s art. Van Hammewas featured on the Wall Street Journal front page in May 2009. He is one of Belgium’s most successful contemporary novelists and comic writers.

Wiliam Vance is the illustrator of numerous bestsellers, including “Marshall Blueberry.”

Cinebook will hold daily drawings for free copies of XIII Vol.1 – The Day of the Black Sun at the Bristol International Comic Expo.

Below I’ve listed some of the stuff I’ve already picked up and loved from Cincebook. Hopefully this will give some of you a place to start.

Largo Winch

No family, no connections, anti-establishment, womanizer, wanderer, iconoclast and fighter, he inherits at age 26 the W Group, which is worth $10 billion.

Nuge says “Think Bruce Wayne without the Batman but a shed load of action and business intrigue. Top stuff!”

The Scorpion

A cape and sword thriller which submerges the reader in the mysterious shadows of the 18th century Vatican.

Nuge says “A swashbuckling Indiana Jones with a sword, set in the 18th, what’s not to like…I’ve read two graphic novels so far and loved them both!”

Green Manor

Impossible investigations, perfect crimes, a “série noire” whose plot draws the reader into the mystery!

Nuge says “This  is kind of place where Dick Dastardly and Terry Thomas would hang out when they weren’t busy being cad’s and bounders! A great anthology title”

See you tomorrow.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Dion /

    No mention of it in the post, but I’m presuming this XIII comic is what the ace PS2 game was based on? If so I’m definitely checking it out!

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