Dark Horse and Hammer Films team join forces

I’d like to say I was a big fan of Hammer Films in my youth and in some ways I was, well the films I managed to watch all the way through at least(showing my wuss side again). 

According to Heat Vision Hammer Films and Dark Horse Comics are going to be collaborating on a series of graphic novels based on the Hammer’s films.

The first project they’re tackling isn’t based on one of their old school horror movies but “Let Me In” the remake modern swedish chiller “Let the Right One In.”

“The existing Hammer Films library represents some of the most exciting horror stories ever told,” said Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson. “ ‘Let Me In’ is easily one of the most chilling and exciting horror stories to come along in years and as we have learned time and time again, comics provides the perfect place to expand on the storyline.” – Heat Vision Blog

I’m sure this first adaptation choice was made to tap into the success of the swedish orignal but personally after this is done I hope they delve into the studio vaults and start hammering out some of those classics.

 I love to see them adapt a graphic novel of ‘The Devil Rides Out” which was the film adaptation of the book by Dennis Wheatley and starred Hammer Films veteran Christopher Lee. It was also one of the few Hammer films I managed to make to the end of.

 I’m a wuss.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Heat Vision

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