Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider #1 Preview

Listeners of The Next Level will know that I was highly impressed with last year’s reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. The game made me interested in a series that had previously had little impact to my reading or gaming life. Gail Simone is one of my favourite comic writers and someone who knows how to handle strong characters (whether male or female) while allowing them to be vulnerable. Dark Horse have produced some of the best game or movie tie-in comics ever (Star WarsDragon Age, Serenity et al).

Bring all three of these together with some awesome art by Nicolás Daniel Selma and colours by Michael Atiyeh and you have the potential for the best adventure comic on the market. Dark Horse sent us a preview of the first issue to share with you, and it looks awesome!

The series launches on 26 Feb 2014, so get ready for action!

Tomb Raider Issue 1

Source: Dark Horse Comics
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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