Dr Doom and Dracula on the Moon…best…idea…EVER!


The full-on solicitation for the issue reads: The king of the vampires is back. As if the hoards of demons that Pete Wisdom let out in order to defeat the Skrulls in England weren’t enough, now DRACULA has entered the scene. What does he want with Spitfire? And how will an election help his cause? You better hope that Captain Britain and the rest of MI13 have a way to defeat him!

I could go on about how awesome this comic series this is how the writing and art have been top notch. I could explain at length how I preferred this title to the actua main Secret Invaion book to which it was a tie-in for.

I could but to be honest if you’er not sold by the title then god help you because you  have no soul 🙂

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Marvel

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