ELEVATOR PITCH – Escape From Zombie Earth


Escape From Zombie Earth

Writer: Scotty Richard

Artist: Scotty Richard Publisher: Self-published

Available from: Amazon, Drivethru Comics, IndyPlanet and coming soon to ComiXology

What is Escape From Zombie Earth?

Gillian Gordon and her flight crew are thrown into a parallel universe in which the writings of H.P. Lovecraft have occurred as real historical events and is currently in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Created, written and illustrated by Scotty Richard.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

Scotty: “I want to offer a fun and intriguing gateway into the world of Lovecraft and some of the other great horror lore of old. This in combination with many concepts and characters that I created years ago has led to a story far more layered and compelling than I had thought possible. Readers will find a story that moves in a wild and surprising direction.”

EFZE page24

EFZE page13 issuu

EFZE page 4 issuu

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