(FINALLY) The Jonah Hex Trailer!

Someone, please find Megan Fox an accent! There has been little news about the Jonah Hex film adaptation, which will be released as early as June. Now the trailer has popped up for all the world to fancy.

Jonah is played by Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men). The heartless villain Turnbull is played by John Malcovich, and Megan Fox (Transformers 1 and 2) plays Leila, Jonah’s hooker sidekick. There is also Lance Reddick (Fringe, The Wire) , who is Jonah Hex’ weaponsmith.

Josh Brolin is Jonah Hex and Megan Fox is horribly miscast. The action looks great and Jonah gets off some nice one-liners, but what’s with the super powers angle? Please, Jonah Hex fans, is this true to the character at all, even if it was for one issue?  Feel free to express your love/hate for this movie.

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  1. megan fox is always horribly miscast lol she can’t act and she’s not even good looking at all so I really don’t get it… she’s most likely gonna end up like her 90210 boyfriend.

    • If Megan Fox isn’t attractive to you, you have very strict standards!

      The BAG will always be Derek Reese to me. To me that surpasses his 90210 career and hip-hop days.

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