Free Online Zombie Comics!

I just checked out the first two short and free online Zombie strips  ( Lunchbreak of the Dead was my fave) from Abaddon Books and it’s some funny stuff. Each comic is only  about two pages (or panels depending how you look at it). I hope we get to see some longer ones in the future.

Here’s the Blurb.

From White Zombie, through Night Of The Living Dead to The Walking Dead comic book, non-horizontal corpses have gained a bad rep. Okay,so some of them lack individuality, have no concept of hygiene and like nothing better than chowing down on the living – but nobody’s perfect.

Its a little know fact that the dead can be, well…dead funny. Judge for yourselves by logging onto every month for some flesh-festering high jinx brought to you from the rotten minds of putrid Pye and creepy keef.

Source: Abaddon Books

Reporter: Nuge

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