GS Exclusive: First look at concept work for the film adaptation of Dare comics ‘The Hunter’

If you’ve just read my earlier review of Starmaker: Leviathan today then you will have already heard me mention The Hunter comic series a few times with glowing praise. What you may not know is that work has begun on a film adaptation of the popular comic series from Dare Comics.

The guys over at Dare have exclusively let us have this first piece of concept art from the upcoming film before they use it to promote the project at the San Diego Comic Con.

I think you’ll agree it looks pretty fab.

GS Source: Dare Comics

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  1. matt pease /

    WOW looks Beautiful

  2. Hunter was my best pick up at BICS last year… or was it the year before, anyway. Damn good book. I’d happily watch the film! The artwork looks great!!

  3. Crimson Archer /

    Holy crap.. that’s AWESOME!!!!! 😀

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