Halcyon & Tenderfoot Collection Comes to GCC14

If you are heading to the  Glasgow Comic Con over this fine weekend and are after some all ages superhero antic the Art Heroes team will be on hand with the launch of the Halcyon & Tenderfoot  Collection on Sunday 6th July.

The special A5 sized collection will included the 4 issue series, the preview comic and a sketchbook and process section, plus foreword by Colin ‘Dungeon Fun’ Bell. If you’re taking kids with you to the con I would well recommend you stopping by as the Art Heroes team will be at Table 5 in the CCA: Glasgow’s Ground Floor Atrium throughout Sunday and running a Creating Characters workshop at 12noon. Having seen them in action at several cons you little ones will be in for a treat.
If you can’t make it to the con then you can pre-order your physical or digital version of the book now in their shop
Check out the preview below to get an idea of what you’re letting yourself in for.
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GS Blogger: Nuge
Source: Art Heroes


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