I.N.J Culbard’s Doc Fathom – The Comic Never Was

As I was surfing the net for stuff to put onto today’s countdown to Thought Bubble I stumbled upon a post from artist/writer INJ Culbard. Responsible for the art for the Sherlock Holmes adaptations and more recently H.P Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness I’m a big fan of his work. So as I self-confessed pulp adventure fiend you can imagine how upset I got when I saw that Culbard had been working on a pitch for Zuda for a pulp adventure comic set in Atlantis.

Yet another pitch never pitched for Zuda – this time Doc Fathom which supposes quite simply that Atlantis never sank (and that it existed in the first place naturally). Very much a pulp adventure story of rather ridiculous proportions. These pages here are sans dialogue – the first page did at one point sport a Doc Fathom logo with the sub heading of Chapter 1. The Beast of ’33.

Hearing that he was working on something like Doc Fathom then stopped was bad enough but after seeing the artwork took my frustration to a whole new level. I’m now thinking of starting a petition to bring back Doc Fathom as both the premise and the art were both great.

In a perfect world I love to see Ian do a Indiana Jones,Rocketeer, Doc Savage or The Shadow graphic novel.

Check out some of the early artwork for Doc Fathom below.

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Source: Strangeplanetstories

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