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After Comixology, everybody thought that Longbox or Graphic.ly was going to be the next company to grab hold of this digital medium.
Longbox, after making many promises have not delivered, while Grapic.ly are slowly slogging away – but have a mountain to climb.

iVerse Comics have managed to jump in as the second digital distributor. Stricking up deals with the likes of IDW and smaller publishers. Featured publishers such as IDW, Ape Entertainment and Archie Comics are a change to the titles distributed by Comixology, but with some the same!

Marvel have released some titles on IDW and some on other formats – giving a nice spread accross the board for consumers.
iVerse use a different layout for users, although its not hard to navigate. Across the bottom you have the featured, store, my comics, settings and downloads tabs.

So far, so good. You can search for titles depending on publisher, genre, price, time or by name. This is a little bit more awkward and time consuming, but still simple enough. The only way I can describe the difference is that its the same as working on a Mac or PC!

Its when you read the comic you feel the difference – no twisting an turning the screen with this app! You hold the screen landscape and swipe between panels – like you would with photos on the iPhone. This is not a bad idea, but it isn’t as dynamic when wanting to view larger screens. I find it helpful though when sitting at my desk and wanting to subtly read a comic without being caught!
Being a second tier reading app is not meant as an insult – a lot of work has gone into this app and the range of titles is growing in a measured way. iVerse’s strength should come from diversity – if Comixology are going to get all the comics from the ‘big boys’ iVerse should continue to showcase the smaller firms. Their relationship with IDW has gone to strength with iVerse producing a standalone IDW app. With the licences that IDW have, this can only do more to bring them prominence. Small publishers may think they will get lost in the amount of comics available on Comixology and look to being a big fish in a small pond.
I will be writing more on the IDW and other publisher standalone apps at a later date.


Since writing this article and updating my apps – iVerse Comics is now called Comics+ – The same on the inside, but rebranded.

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