Mark Millar starts work on ‘Old Man Logan’ sequel

I’ve never read a lot of Xmen stories so I wouldn’t class myself as fan but after Dave’s continued insistence I finally picked up a copy of Old Man Logan. The comic was  an eight part Wolverine story arc set in the future in which it’s not a good time to be a superhero and…well to say more would spoil this awesome story. I will say that whether you’re a Wolverine fan or not it’s worth picking up a copy.

I always hoped there might be a sequel to this at seems that Mr Millar has been thinking the same way as Comic Resources have reported that mark has now plotted a sequel to Old Man Logan.

“It’s been in the back of my mind since before I started writing the first issue of the original,” he wrote last night on his message board, “but this was the first time I’d actually put pen to paper. Marvel had offered me a classic book a few weeks back and when I was sitting on the plane planning to put some notes together I just couldn’t stop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the book I was offered, but the ‘Old Man Logan’ sequel. It opens with this insane Spidey flashback which pretty much sets the tone. My God, it’s going to be fun to write.” – Comic Book Resources

The bad news though is that this isn’t a done deal as Mark revelas that he still had to pitch the idea to Marvel. Given the success of Old Man Logan I would be suprised if Marvel turned this down.

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Source: Comic Book Resources

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